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Replace Broken Tape (Manual Shutter)

Manual shutters are the cheaper option when purchasing roller shutters but the tapes don't last for ever.  I can come out to your house and replace the tape as well as check to make sure it is running correctly on it's rollers and not rubbing anywhere.

Fee: $110 (metro area)

Replacing Broken Springs

Both manual and electric roller shutters have springs which attach the curtain to the axle, they can become damaged with age or if a shutter jams.  On top of the regular call out fee they can be replaced for a minimal cost. (new springs have protection again scratching the curtain)

Fee: $5 each.

Replace Electric Motor or Convert a Manual to Electric

Inferior or old motors can burn out or breakdown, as they are a sealed unit the only option is to replace it.  I can organise this entire job including an electrician, the new high quality simu motor and fitting for either replacement or conversions.

Fee: $550

As well as the above list of services, replacement of any other part of your roller shutter can be arranged. New slats, covers, axle caps, track guides and many other items are all available.